Episode 4: Oregon to Port Orford

Here it is, the final video from the trail! Have a look at what we came across in Oregon and our celebration in Port Orford. The Trans America Trail was a fun and challenging journey that we can't believe has come to an end. Continue to follow us as we explore our new home in Northern California and continue our love for overloading and the outdoors.

Remember to stay tuned for our Trans America Trail e-book coming late August that will talk about the trail state-by-state with photos, descriptions, terrain details and much more! Thank you to our friends, family and supporters for your encouragement through this process, we could not have done it without you and we are so glad that we could share this expedition with all of you.

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Episode 3: Utah & Nevada

The Trans America Trail has led us to some incredible places. Take a peak at our 3rd episode on the trail as we conquer Utah and Nevada! We came across many challenges which pushed us beyond our comfort zones and really tested our abilities. Let us know what you think and continue to follow us as we take on our 9th and final state! 

Never Stop Exploring


Episode 2: Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado & Moab, Utah

Check out our 2nd episode on the Trans America Trail below! We covered the rest of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado and Moab, Utah - with some awesome stops along the way! Check out our Facebook and Instagram for the latest photos and updates from places we've stayed and people we've met.

Today we are back on the trail heading West towards Nevada...


"The only thing you have to fear, is fear itself."

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Episode 1: Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas

Check out our latest highlights from the Trans America Trail in our 1st web series episode! It has already been a week since we began our journey and we are having the experience of a lifetime. With unexpected maintenance, detours and terrain the trail has certainly turned our trip into quite the adventure. Now we are on to tackle Oklahoma! Stay tuned for more updates and episodes on our website, Instagram and Facebook...

Cheers to adventure!

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Trektych: 2014 Jeep Wrangler Rocky Ridge Edition

Just 11 days away and we've been hard at work preparing the Jeep for it's 5,000 mile journey across the country April 25th. Here is a first look at the Trektych mobile!

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Announcing Trektych: On The Trans America Trail

Today marks a very special day for Jason and I, today is the day our dreams become our realities! In exactly 30 days we will be leaving our home, jobs, friends and family, selling our belongings and hitting the open (dirt) road for a month long journey across the country on the Trans America Trail. Let the countdown begin and watch us prepare for the journey of a lifetime!

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